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Short Faux Locs
Short Faux Locs Styles Faux locs have quickly become one of the trendiest protective hairstyles, offering up a fun alternative to classic box braids and twists. If you're looking for a new way to wear faux locs that are easy to manage and lightweight, short faux locs are where it's...
Faux Locs Styles
Long and Short Faux Locs Styles Locs are one of the most beautiful ways to wear natural hair, but it takes years to get the real thing. If you're considering wearing your hair in locs for real or you just want to try the style out for a week, faux...
Goddess Locs Styles
Goddess Locs 101 One of the trendiest ways to wear your hair in a protective style, goddess locs are fun, sexy, and perfect for any season. Choosing from various hair types makes this style customizable for every budget and preferred level of upkeep, while options for length and color are...
goddess braids
Top 30 Goddess Braids Styles An incredibly versatile style, Goddess braids are like cornrows, but thicker and more pronounced, and can be done with natural hair or with the help of extensions. Classy and feminine, once your hair is in these braids you don’t have to worry about your style....
Blonde Faux Locs Looks
35 Stunning Blonde Faux Locs Looks Locs are a well-loved hairstyle that hold a lot of history and meaning. But growing them out is a years long process that some people just aren't able to do.


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