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Skin On Trial

Jun 15, 2009

My big splurge for the year—facials. That's right I'm actually allowing myself to spend money (which doesn't happen when you're saving for a wedding!). I've decided one every two months is a good way to get my pores and skin in line before my wedding day (next April!). The best deal I've found so far in NYC is atMario Badescu Skin Care Salon. I get a fantastic facial for ! Trust me, compared to other NYC salons this is a steal.

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During my last facial my esthetician asked me some very important, yet basic questions: Do I apply sunscreen everyday especially on my neck and chest? How often do I exfoliate? What type of facial masks do I use at home?

I'm a beauty editor, I know the correct answers to these questions and gave them promptly back to her. However, after the third time she asked about sunscreen (especially wearing it on my chest), I knew she had the evidence right there in front of her. The jig was up!!! I'll admit my chest is the one place that gets neglected. I have the sun-spots and freckles as proof.

My summer resolution—to treat my neck and chest just as well as my face. It really doesn't take that much more time or product to sweep on treatments to these areas. For some reason I'm compelled to make my esthetician proud of me.

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