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How to Contact Marcus Lemonis

Two Methods:

Lemonis is the CEO of companies including Camping World, Gander Outdoors, and Good Sam Enterprises. He is also the host ofThe Profit,a show based on saving businesses. To contact him, follow his social media accounts and send him messages. For business ideas, you can apply for the profit or submit your plan on his website. If you can, meet Lemonis at an event and discuss your business ideas. With some persistence and great ideas, you can contact Marcus Lemonis.


Contacting Him through Social Media

  1. Tweet and tag Marcus Lemonis to get his attention.Marcus Lemonis keeps an active Twitter page, either tweeting or retweeting nearly every day. This is your best shot at getting a response from him on social media, as he tweets his fans every so often. You can also tag Lemonis in your tweets to send a notification.
    • You must have a Twitter account in order to send tweets.
    • Send tweets to Lemonis’ handle @marcuslemonis or visit his Twitter at
    • You can tweet something like, “Hey Marcus! I would love to discuss my business plan with you. When will you next be in Memphis?” or “Marcus, how can I become more successful?”
  2. Send Marcus Lemonis a message on Facebook.Marcus Lemonis is active on Facebook. Before you can comment or message him, you must have a Facebook account. You can send him a direct message, or you can comment on his posts and pictures.
    • To find his page, search for “Marcus Lemonis” on Facebook. You can also access his Facebook here: .
    • Write something like, “Hey Mr. Lemonis, I have some great ideas for business I’d like to get your opinion on!” or “Hello Marcus, thanks for the inspiration to fix my small business. Can I ask you for more personal tips?”
    • Lemonis sometimes comments back on his fan's comments. Send him a message and see if he gets back to you.
  3. Connect with Marcus Lemonis on LinkedIn and send him a message.You first must have a LinkedIn account. You can add Lemonis as a connection on LinkedIn, and he is more likely to accept your connection if you leave a personal note. To write a message, log into your account, click on “Messaging,” and click on the “Compose a Message” icon.
    • To find Lemonis’ LinkedIn, search for “Marcus Lemonis.”
    • For example, you can write something along the lines of, “Hello Mr. Lemonis, I am finalizing my business plan and would for you to look it over and see if it is something you are interested in.”
  4. Comment or message Marcus Lemonis on Instagram.To find Lemonis’ Instagram, search for “Marcus Lemonis” or look up @MarcusLemonis. You must have an Instagram account before you can follow, comment, or message him. Send him a message through the direct message feature, and comment on his pictures.
    • You can also view his Instagram page here:
    • You can comment something like, “Wow, this gives me so many new ideas,” or message him something like, “Dear Marcus, you continue to inspire me to open my own fashion business. What worked for you when you were first starting out?”
    • When you comment on his photos, tag @MarcusLemonis so he receives a notification when you send the comment. He posts regularly on Instagram, and comments back from time to time.

Pursuing Your Business Ideas

  1. Apply forThe Profitat .If you are a business owner looking for help turning your business around, complete the application for Lemonis’ TV showThe Profit.To complete the application, fill in your business and personal information and complete short responses to questions about your business.
    • Complete biographic information like your name, address, phone number, and email address.
    • Fill in business information like your website, gross income for 2019, product/service description, business address and phone number, and social media links.
    • While there is no guarantee your business will be selected, Marcus Lemonis does look through every application to see if it is a match for his show.
  2. Submit your business plan to Marcus on his official website.Fill in your name, email, and phone number, and upload a copy of your business plan. You can leave a comment for Marcus, explaining in more detail why you are sending him your plan. If Marcus is interested in your ideas for a possible partnership, investment, or corporate consulting, he will contact you via phone or email.
    • Visit to get started.
    • You can write a comment like, “Hi Mr. Lemonis. This is the business plan I’ve been working on for years. I think I have really creative, unique ideas that you will appreciate. Please get back to me with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!”
    • Marcus may not get back to you, but leaving a comment increases your chances that he will email you back.
  3. Attend an event in hopes of meeting Lemonis and discussing business.You can find his upcoming events by following his social media accounts. He posts different events and locations where he is scheduled to speak. When he comes to an area near you, attend the event, and look for ways to meet Lemonis. If you meet him, mention your business ideas and your contact attempts.
    • At most of his small events, even if the event is crowded, Marcus often allots time to meet and take photos with every guest there. While there is no guarantee you will meet him, it does happen at many events.
    • Try to meet him after the event is over or during question and answer sessions.
    • Marcus Lemonis does not have an event page on his website, but he often lists his events on social media.
  4. Send follow-up correspondence to Lemonis to remind him of your ideas.When you meet Lemonis and discuss your business, ask him for a direct email to send follow-up correspondence. He may direct you to his website or social media, but it’s worth a shot to ask! Then, either send a follow-up message to his email, social media, or both.
    • For example, you can write something like, “Hi Marcus, I met you in Santa Fe, and we discussed my ideas for a sustainable hotel. I am messaging you as a reminder of that conversation, and I would love to chat further! I am looking for ways to grow my existing business.”
    • If you don’t receive a message back with 1 contact attempt, try again a week or so later.

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How to Contact Marcus Lemonis
How to Contact Marcus Lemonis images

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2019 year - How to Contact Marcus Lemonis pictures

How to Contact Marcus Lemonis forecasting
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How to Contact Marcus Lemonis pictures
How to Contact Marcus Lemonis images

How to Contact Marcus Lemonis How to Contact Marcus Lemonis new images
How to Contact Marcus Lemonis new photo

pics How to Contact Marcus Lemonis
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Watch How to Contact Marcus Lemonis video
Watch How to Contact Marcus Lemonis video

Communication on this topic: How to Contact Marcus Lemonis, how-to-contact-marcus-lemonis/
Communication on this topic: How to Contact Marcus Lemonis, how-to-contact-marcus-lemonis/ , how-to-contact-marcus-lemonis/

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